Modern implantology

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Nobody likes extensive surgical procedures. Therefore, our clinic uses the cutting-edge achievements of implantology, which help us to insert implants in a precise and minimally invasive manner.

Microscope-Controlled removal of teeth

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The innovative method of microscope-controlled tooth extraction, based on detailed 3D diagnostics, allows us to remove teeth in the most gentle manner possible. As a result, we achieve fast healing of tissues and minimise the post-treatment pain.

Root canal treatment during a single visit

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During the root canal treatment we use the operating microscope, the Nanotec Endo system for rinsing the canals, ozone, as well as silver and gold nanoparticles. This helps us to assure high effectiveness, and we can offer a lifetime warranty for the treatment to our patients.

Restore your beautiful and healthy smile

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Your smile is our brand. In order to provide our patients with excellent aesthetic effects, we work with Maestro Giancarlo Barducci, the eminent Italian dental technician. His prosthetic works are distinguished by exceptional beauty and naturalness.


The Roman Borczyk Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic in Katowice provides comprehensive dental services. We specialise in such areas as implantology, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, and prosthetics. Dental procedures are performed with the help of digital instruments that ensure precision of treatment: our dentists work with microscopes, lasers, a three-dimensional computed tomography scanner and an orthopantomogram.

The utilisation of digital equipment makes it possible for us to precisely diagnose diseases and undertake suitable treatment. We are the only clinic in Poland to have the Olympus neurosurgery microscope, which is used in complicated surgeries close to nerves and the maxillary sinuses.

Our clinic provides pain-free dental treatment with lasers, which help to remove only the pathological tissues, without affecting the healthy ones. Additionally, lasers disinfect the treated tooth, providing a sufficiently sterile base for a restoration. They also enable us to distinguish between cavities and discolouration, as well as determine the degree of dental caries. We also perform tray-based teeth whitening procedures. The tray-based whitening method makes it possible to brighten up your smile and remove the unsightly discolouration, thus restoring the natural white colour of your teeth. As an alternative to the tray-based whitening method, we offer laser dental bleaching using the Beyond method, which is based on a special lamp accelerating the whitening process. The whitening effect of the Beyond method is visible right away, but lingers on for a relatively short time. Therefore, the procedure should be repeated at regular intervals, while the tray-based teeth whitening ensures longlasting effects. Therefore, our clinic favours the tray-based method instead of using the Beyond lamp for bleaching teeth.

Through the utilisation of diagnostic equipment for X-ray, CT or panoramic scans, we are capable of making quick diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis and providing proper treatment. We can also identify and remove polyps or cysts of the maxillary sinuses. Treatment of the maxillary sinuses is extremely important due to the related complications that affect the entire body.

The Roman Borczyk Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic in Katowice employs dental specialists who utilise microscopes, lasers and X-ray equipment in their daily work to ensure precision of treatment. We provide pain-free experience thanks to the implementation of a computer-controlled anaesthesia delivery system and laser-based dental treatment. We also perform corrections of malocclusions and restore the natural white colour of teeth using the tray-based whitening method. We can diagnose and treat maxillary sinus diseases, dental periostitis, cysts and polyps of the maxillary sinus. Moreover, we perform surgical procedures, such as tooth extraction, root-end resection (apicoectomy) and microscope-controlled removal of wisdom teeth. During a surgical tooth extraction and many other dental procedures, it is possible to administer general anaesthesia under the supervision of an experienced anaesthesiologist. In our clinic you can also have implants inserted to restore your missing teeth.



We perform a series of surgical procedures, such as extractions, microscope-controlled removal of third molars (or the so-called wisdom teeth), root-end resection (apicoectomy), gingival (gum) grafts, bone augmentation and the maxillary sinus lift procedures.

We conventionally take x-ray pictures, point x-rays, panoramic x-rays or CT scans during all those procedures. This helps us to accurately plan and precisely perform every single procedure. We also utilise microscopes, which make the procedures minimally invasive and reduce them to mere microsurgery. Moreover, we use computer-controlled anaesthesia, which guarantees pain-free dental treatment. In order to speed up recovery, wounds and inflammatory lesions are irradiated with a laser that stimulates the regeneration of tissues.

We also insert implants, which make it possible to restore the missing teeth. We are the first clinic in Poland to use the gold Nouvag contra-angle handpiece during the implant insertion procedure. The tool lowers the risk of infection. Furthermore, we protect the implants against bacterial growth by using the Nanocare fluid containing silver and gold nanoparticles. It takes about 15 minutes to insert one implant. and the procedure is pain-free thanks to potent anaesthetic agents administered through a computer system. After implant insertion, we provide ice compresses to reduce swelling. Additionally, the patient takes advantage of the magnetic field, which reduces discomfort and pain. During follow-up appointments, we irradiate the surgical site with the biostimulation laser that accelerates the healing process.

Surgical tooth extraction Removal of a wisdom tooth Inflammation of maxillary sinuses Maxillary sinus cyst



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In order to guarantee safety and comfort of treatment to our patients, we use the state-of-the-art methods available in dentistry. Thanks to the application of microscopes, lasers and computed tomography, we are able to diagnose and successfully treat the most complicated cases.


As a rule, surgical procedures are performed under a microscope which guarantees precision and eliminates the need for extensive tissue incisions. This makes the surgical sites heal much faster, with no complications whatsoever.


Our clinic is equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment, including the i-CAT computed tomography, the digital radiovisiography, the neurosurgery microscope, the Erb:YAG laser, the biostimulation lasers, the intra-oral scanner, the Nanozon system for ozone therapy, and the magnetic bed. These and many other cutting-edge devices help our dentists to precisely diagnose dental problems and conduct treatment in a microinvasive manner.